New Digital Super 8 footage

We managed to encode the RAW Digital Super 8 images with S-Log (following Sony’s algorithm). Then processing those with simple S-curve and tweaking colors, saturation and brightness/contrast a bit leads to great results, as show below:

Earlier (before we did S-Log encoding, only gamma encoding) we shot a few new samples with fully portable Digital Super 8.  Below a summer sky time lapse (1280 x 720)

and autumn colours in QHD:

and the the same capture rendered as Black & White. To demonstrate the power of Digital Super 8 cartridge shooting individual RAW images in 12 bit (!) bit depth. The Digital Super 8 software tools allow rendering and controlling RGB channels, color cast, saturation, contrast, brightness, HDR and fps.


13 thoughts on “New Digital Super 8 footage

    1. We aim to produce some DIY kit or so with instructions. Materials add up to just below 1000 dollars because Ximea sensor costs 550 alone… however if you want it badly it’s worth it. And only tested with Nizo cameras

  1. I’m working on my own design for this, but I could not find the 3d cartridge model to print it out.

    Would you be so kind to share the 3d model of the case so we can print our own cases?

    1. We can build to order. But do realise it’s a maker project so support is best effort and no warranties.

  2. I´ve been tinkering with putting an iPhone 4s into a super8 cam and use isuper8 to capture things, but your concept is also nice, leaving the cam intact, while I had to remove the shutter in order to get it to work. Plus the thing with the projection plane gave me some headache. Would really love to get one of your cartridges for my many s8 cams!

  3. I love this idea. I’m a filmmaker who shoots primarily on Blackmagic cameras, and this would be such a hit product. With hipster culture, this would be eaten up so bloody fast, you guys would make a killing. Vintage 8mm cameras would be a hot item again.

    1. Thank you Ryan for your kind comments and support. We are currently developing an app to control the cartridge. Will post on this pretty soon.

  4. do you have a newsletter or do we have to keep checking on the progress on this page? I’m currently obsessed with shooting 8mm but too poor to keep at it…want to know more and when this cartridge will be ready for anyone to use!

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