New footage – birds and bunnies

We shot some new footage to test the quality of the Digital Super8 Cartridge. Our software app takes the RAW Bayer images of the cartridge and performs S-Log encoding before we do any further processing. Using the Digital Super8 application we added contrast with S-curve and then applied individual S-Curves on the RGB channels to add warmth. Because Digital Super8 consists of individually captured 12 bit RAW images (global shutter) there’s a lot of flexibility in how to process afterwards. One could do B&W, natural color, warm, cool or whatever else. Also the software provided allows for export of TIFF image format.

The Nizo 801 Macro we used has some motor instability, leading to a bit of flicker.

3 thoughts on “New footage – birds and bunnies

  1. These are gorgeous. I think I’ll bite the bullet and pick up that sensor soon. I haven’t found anything better at that price range and usability.

  2. I would love to be able to shoot digital with some of my Super 8 Camera. Please keep me posted. This is a product that I would be very interested in purchasing.

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