Smartphone App for Digital Super8

So we’re working hard on the Digital Super8 app for smartphones. To fully control the Digital Super8 cartridge and all settings. To provide monitoring while filming as well as when doing trial shots without actual recording. And to allow viewing the footage you shot.

The Digital Super8 cartridge sets up its own WiFi access point for your smartphone to connect to and then through the app you fully take control, while you’ve got the cartridge slid into your Super8 camera.

At this time we’re ironing out some minor challenges to increase the performance of the monitoring and viewing of captured shots. Using multi-threading to ensure that the RAW images get displayed in full color and smoothly.

Stay tuned.

16 thoughts on “Smartphone App for Digital Super8

  1. Keep rolling guys, cant wait for a finished product. Greetings from your neighbours

  2. Very excited to see this progress. I’ve stalled a bit on my own efforts as other tasks have taken up my attention, but I’m really looking forward to picking back up and am so glad you’re continuing your work on it!

      1. Efforts have been on hold since we last spoke as other obligations and projects have taken my time. I’m eager to jump back in this Spring, though. If you need someone to work with your plans and test the app, let me know. I’d love to spend some time shooting this summer!

  3. I love your project 😉 I would buy one cartrige if it would be possible. I have perfectly working Beaulieu 4008 ZMII which I renovated myself and it would be so cool to adapt it for digital.

  4. Very cool to see you working on this. I wanted to do the same, but as I’m not a programmer or an engineer it was too much for me to do.

  5. Keep me Posted, I’m stoked for this, might even try it myself if i find the guts.

  6. Please let me know if you need people/artists/professionals to test any prototypes! I usually shoot with film but it’s so pricey to process and digitize. This would be a great option!

  7. Hi! I was curious because I am a little confused. Is this cartridge going to be one that is required to use a smartphone to use it when shooting video, or an option just to view video that you have shot without needing a computer? Thank you for your time!

    1. Yes you need some way to control the cartridge like changing settings, starting and stopping capture mode. So that’s why we thought up the solution to let this control be done from a smartphone app. This to keep cost low and avoid need for additional external control devices. Then the viewing of captured images is a nice extra, as well as monitoring what you shoot if you choose to do that instead of using your camera viewer or just to check what is being captured. We also will add a monitoring function that you can use to shoot without really capturing so that you can do practice shots. The app also allows you to discard what you captured and ‘rewind’ your digital film

  8. Hi there! We are picking up the pace with our second prototype. Many bugs in our Digital Super8 Control app that caused bad crashes have been resolved, making it all more reliable.

    Feel free to get in touch on [email protected]

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