29 thoughts on “Demo of Digital Super-8 app and cartridge

  1. Very cool! So using the app and wireless connection, would it be theoretically possible to use the cartridge with any super 8 camera? Exciting stuff either way.

    1. You have to remove the filmgate of your camera, usually this is by unscrewing 2 screws. However it may then still not fit. On Nizo’s this is at least working on most models. Caution: when you remove the filmgate you won’t be able to use the camera with regular film, unless you place back the filmgate, which is usually a bit tricky to do. So best is to select a camera or buy one on EBay and dedicate it to Digital Super8. We have tried many things but sofar the optics don’t allow us to keep filmgate and successfully place the cartridge.

  2. No worries – I think I have a Nizo in my collection in any case. And would be more than happy to dedicate it to digital! Following with great hope and anticipation.

  3. Does this store the data for the shot video on the phone, or does the app stream the data from an internal storage in the cartridge? I’m curious, because if it is the former, then it will be pretty difficult for anyone without a higher end smart phone to use this.

    1. RAW images are stored in the cartridge which carries 32G of eMMC memory. Yoi use the USB port on the cart to copy the images to usb stick. Then put the stick into a pc and use our processing software to create a look to your liking, whether color, B&W, warm, cool etc and render avi files uncompressed or MPEG.

  4. Also, another question. Will there be an option for extended recording outside the length of a standard roll? An example being having the record length of the long gone 200ft Kodak S-8 cartridges.

    1. Theoretically you could shoot up to 290 feet at 720p 12 bit Raw. Given the 30G of storage on board the cart. We would have to add that option to the control software

  5. AMAZING !!! plus works on Android, double win. Been following this for a while, learning to be patient, but definitly consider me for buying one of these !!

  6. To whom may concern.

    Hi, I am Hee Yeon Yang at a Hobin film, which is a video production in Korea.
    I am writing this e-mail to ask about the DIGITAL SUPER 8 CARTRIDGE.
    In our production, we tried to make an video with Super 8 which gives different picture compared to the normal digital camera. However, the process of converting the sources into digital form was so difficult and nearly impossible.
    At that moment, I saw an article about the SUPER 8 CARTRIDGE at your homepage, and found it really interesting. I saw that the cartridge is not released yet, but I just wanted to ask you about buying the cartridge even in form of prototype if possible. I totally understand that it is hard for your company to show something that is even unreleased, but we are quite desperate about this issue. Please take concern with our suggestion and reply me back. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.


  7. I wrote you on Your youtube address email. And never heard back . I work for a skateboard site and would love to get in touch with u to help get this out more with a skate production vid . Hit me back .

  8. When can we buy one of these? Can we start a kickstarter or similar campaign? I’m dying to own one.

  9. Love how much progress you’ve made! Count me in as a first round buyer. I simply haven’t had the time to make progress on my own, and love that you’re moving forward.

  10. Hi
    Are there any recent developments?
    I am planning to dust of the old Nizo hiding in the basement.
    It would be great with a B.O.M. to get started with this amazing project!

  11. Hi
    Are there any recent developments? Very interesting what you have achieved so far! Would love to have one!

    1. Hi there! We have built a second prototype and worked a lot on stabilizing the software. Still ironing out last bugs that cause unexpected crashes. Also had to buy a new Ximea mu9 subminiature camera because the one we used in prototype 1 broke. That may also have been a cause for the software crashes. But, other than that, enjoying the further development. So far no commercial plans and would love to find an optical solution to push the focal plane out for 5mm. Then The filmgate probably could stay in.
      Imagine a digitalsuper8 cart that requires absolutely no mods to your camera!

      1. oh man !! teasing 😀 hope all is good on your side.

        please provide any kind of updates when you can ! i believe many of us are willing to get a chunk of that, even prototypes ! I would be very keen to test it as well with deep reviews and several scenarios if you are looking for testers.

        that being said, do you think there is any other subminiature camera in the market that could drive total cost down ?

        keep up the amazing, recognized, and great work !!

  12. Hey, this is so great to find. I worked on a project like this 10 years ago when a friend gave me some cameras to play with.

    Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

    1. Hi Barry,

      Great to see your enthusiastic comment, thanks!
      Keen to learn what you conceptualized 10 years ago, can you share some ideas?
      Of course at the time there were no 40mm x 40mm ARM quad-core processor boards with on-board WiFi that can do RAW image processing in real time!

      Keep following us.

      1. It’s been another year, how is the progress going? I am very interested in this project. Please let me know if there is anything new coming up to report.

        1. Hi well time flies and we’ve done a few tests. The Nanopi Neo Air isn’t available anymore with 32GB eMMC memory but only 8GB. So we are looking how to utilize options of the microSD card. Also testing the new raspberry pi 4. Very powerful but cannot fit in the cartridge. So we maybe develop an alternative with external Raspberry Pi4 module. Also did some design work on the cartridge itself to see if we can find an optical solution to make the cartridge fit any super8 camera without doing removal of the filmgate.
          Thanks for your interest and support!

  13. Hi Durin,
    Thanks for pointing this out! I hadn’t seen it yet. I will contact the person. Believe he did a great job, one drawback he seems to be using rolling shutter which gives wobbling artifacts…

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