We started the Digital Super8 Cartridge website today

Today we launched the website where we update you on the details, specifications and the development progress of our Digital Super 8 Cartridge project.

We aim to prove that the concept of a Digital Super 8 Cartridge to fit into a super 8 camera can become a reality.

3 thoughts on “We started the Digital Super8 Cartridge website today

  1. How would I get a prototype from you guys? I would love to give it a shot and see how it works I see that they haven’t been created for sale yet but if there was any chance i could procure one how would i go about doing it?

    1. Well it would take us quite some time to produce one. Plus the cost are around 750€. When the time is right for a small production of a batch of 10-20 pieces we will publish that announcement or run a Kickstarter.

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