4 thoughts on “Digital Super 8 wearable setup

  1. This is all very exciting! Keep up the good work. I’ve been hanging on to my Nizo for quite a while, hoping that someone would come up with something like this. Have you a twitter account I could follow?

  2. I think the project is interesting but I don’t like the idea of removing the gate and the plastic window. Why don’t you think(if technically possible) of inserting batteries into the cartridge and record onto a SD card? Also, why not full HD? What happens into the viewfinder with 21:9?
    Thanks a lot,

    1. The gate removal is necessary because the image needs to be projected onto the sensor much like a DSLR. There might be optical solutions in the future but this gives the best direct exposure.
      This solution does record on an SD card. The USB is an export option. Reason why we don’t have everything built into the cartridge is simply because standard processor boards such as RaspberryPi are not small enough. The external module option though gives more control flexibility.
      HD: the sensor in global shutter mode simply cannot capture images faster plus we are also heavily pushing the limits of what the Pi is capable of. Note that we are working with RAW files here which are very large but ensure quality.

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