Black Edition Nizo 801 Macro

Last week we picked up a mint condition black edition Nizo 801 Macro super 8 camera. And it came packaged in an original Braun Nizo ‘Trickbox’, including working charger and power supply.

We’ll check the camera and service it. Also apply the mod where we build in a voltage regulator circuit so the camera will not need 1.35V button batteries that are hard to come by.

3 thoughts on “Black Edition Nizo 801 Macro

  1. Hey any possibility of selling that 1.35v mod? I have both a 801M and a S56 that I’d love to have that mod for and haven’t been able to find people who still make it.

    1. Can provide design and some hints for free of course! Want it soldered and shipped including easy mod instructions? Happy to see if we can get that done for you at affordable cost. Let us know.

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