Code update 3 – copying exposed rolls to USB

One of the things still missing was the option to easily copy all the captured images (large sized RAW files) off of the Digital Super 8 Cartridge’s microSD card onto a USB drive. This is now possible. Also we are adding functionality to copy such images to the USB drive as jpg, tiff or png. So that these can easily be used for post production purposes. This also enables users to save single frames that they like as pictures.

The main purpose of copying the RAW files to a USB drive is to enable users to ‘reset’ offload Gigabytes of RAW files and keep shooting new material. The RAW files on the USB drive can be used for ‘developing’ the rolls into digital super 8 film files (uncompressed large files or compressed smaller MPG files). This development step, which includes all necessary post processing and offers colorgrading options can be done easily with the Digital Super 8 Cartridge software package.